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Role: Delegate

Temporary project manager. Submit status reports on behalf of a project managerm

Upon logging into heatfolio you will be redirected towards the Dashboard of the application, containing the most recent and relevant data for the period displayed.

The current and predicted status of projects can be quickly browsed by navigating to the dashboard (the first item in the menu) and exploring the “Projects portfolio” section.

The entire list of projects can be browsed from the “Projects” page (the second item in the menu). This includes active, completed, pending or archived projects.

Projects inside heatfolio can have separate states, but only one at a time. They are a number of four in total: active, pending, completed and archived.

The project completion rate is the project manager’s estimation of how the project is evolving and achieving its goals towards completion.

The current status always refers to the status recorded at the end of the previous month in a reporting period.

The predicted status refers to the progress a project makes from the beginning of the ongoing month to the date of the status report.

A status report can be submitted for a project once every reporting period and if you are assigned to the project as a project manager.

A status report can be edited for a project only in the reporting timeframe and if you are assigned to the project as a project manager.

When reporting the status for a project in both the “Current status” and the “Predicted status” phases you will have to choose and option out of several. Let’s see what these mean.

heatfolio allows portfolio reporting to focus on two periods: the current period, which refers to the entire status registered by a project at the end of the previous month (current status), and the predicted period, which allows a project manager to report its status estimation for the month in due (predicted status).

Going back in time to search for previous status reports (e.g. 6 months ago) can be easily done through the filter options present in the top-right part of the screen.

Your profile can be modified from the “Settings” option (last item in the menu), by clicking on the “Profile” link.

If you forgot your account password, you can request to reset it from the login screen.

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