Project states: active, pending, completed and archived

Projects inside heatfolio can have separate states, but only one at a time. They are a number of four in total: active, pending, completed and archived.

An active project represents an item that is available for status reporting. An active project is not completed, nor archived.

A pending project represents a project that has been added to the workspace, but not yet approved. This applies only in case your workspace has the option “Manual approval of projects” enabled in the workspace settings. In this case, you will be able to review and approve any project you are assigned to as a project proponent. After your review, the approval of a project can be achieved by pressing the “Approve” button inside the project detail view.

A completed project is an item that has been marked as completed either in a monthly status report or in the project detail view. A completed project will not be displayed in the heatmap or monthly reports starting with the next reporting period anymore, being considered finalised and closed in your workspace.

An archived project is a project that has been removed from the workspace’s list of active projects and moved to the archive list, either due to a cleaning action inside the workspace or as a precondition for deleting the project from the workspace. A project should be marked archived only after it has been completed or if it is no longer in use.