Portfolio reporting
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Advantages of using heatfolio

Collect relevant information about ongoing projects and provide swift periodical reports to top management while making status reporting useful, intuitive and fast for project managers.


Full overview

heatfolio provides a great overview and full transparency regarding all relevant ongoing projects—within and outside your own organization.

Visualized tracking

heatfolio comprehensively visualizes the progress (cost, time and content) of all important projects your organization is involved in — your own as well as relevant projects of other organizations.

Efficient reporting

heatfolio makes periodic status reporting intuitive, fast and extremely time-efficient for internal and external project managers.


C-Level heatmap

heatfolio displays each project in a heatmap, allowing managers, department heads, directors or board members to identify critical projects that need more attention within seconds.

Fast response

heatfolio enables any person with the right to view a project’s status to support fast responses in critical situations.

Beyond borders

heatfolio allows collaboration with external partners and the management of projects involving multiple organizations — without the need to give outsiders additional access to company IT resources (e.g. SAP PPM).

Anytime, anywhere

Access your portfolio data from any device

As a cloud service, heatfolio can be accessed from any device like a tablet or mobile phone, at any time and from anywhere — simply by using your web browser. This allows you to access heatmaps or report projects on the go.

Covering multiple states

Comprehensive reporting options

The portfolio reporting methodology used by heatfolio covers multiple options that status reports can be based on for each period, assuring both a flexible and unified approach.

On track






What is the current status of a project?

As financials & relevant project data become available only at the beginning of each month for the one that just passed, heatfolio collects the entire status of a project right when this information becomes final for the project managers. The current status (period) always refers to the status registered at the end of the previous month.

What is the predicted status of a project?

Portfolio reporting requires a timeframe of at least a few days in each period to allow project managers to fully compile their project reports. Depending on the organization, this period can increase to 2-3 weeks. The predicted status covers the progress a project makes from the beginning of the ongoing month to the date of the status report, and also includes the project manager’s estimation regarding the status the project will achieve by the end of the ongoing month.

Why reporting both current and predicted statuses?

Time may pass between the date when current project information becomes available and the date it is reported by the project manager. By addressing these periods individually, top management always has a comparison view (delta) in its reports that shows how a project progressed during the previous month as well as whether any potential issues might arise for the month in due.

Never miss a thing

Reporting current and predicted periods

heatfolio allows portfolio reporting to focus on two periods: the current period, which refers to the full status registered by a project at the end of the previous month, and the predicted period, which allows a project manager to report its status estimation for the month in due.

This allows top management to always have the most up-to-date information in its reports.

Going in depth

Assessing time, cost
& content information

If the current status report signals a potential flaw and is marked as other than “on track”, the application requests more information based on a time, cost & content overview, allowing the project manager to go into details and flag specific elements affecting the project.

Easy reporting

Status reporting in a focused 3-step procedure for each project.

Comprehensive reports

Monthly heatmap outline and full detailed report.

Fast portfolio overview

Always stay abreast of the current status of your project portfolio.

Structural approach

Assign users to roles & departments based on your organization.

Custom project fields

Adapt the reporting procedure to your needs by defining custom fields.

Responsive & secure

heatfolio uses responsive functionalities and secure operations.

Extending access

Beyond organizational borders

heatfolio allows collaboration with external partners or different companies under the same hood.

Recent developments


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