Giving other users access to a project as a project viewer

You can give other users access to a project as project viewers, allowing those users to view status reports and project information.

By going into the “Projects” page, opening a project and clicking the button “Manage viewers” in the sidebar, a screen will be opened where you can select the users which you’d like to be assigned as project viewers.

This page contains two separate groups of users, the first one listing all the workspace users that do not have access to the associated project, and the second one listing all the workspace users with project access based on their hierarchical roles. Any supervisor, department director or project proponent that will have a connection to the project will be displayed in the latter.

If you want to grant view access to a user from the “Project viewers” list, select the checkbox in the “View access” column and click the “Save” button. The selected user will now be able to see the project item in its dashboard or the status reports in its heatmap and monthly reports.

In order to remove the viewer access of a user, the same steps can be followed, unchecking the user in the “View access” being required.

The project viewer access is granted to another user strictly on a project basis and will not allow access to any other projects, nor to edit the one a user was assigned to.