Giving other users access to a project as a deputy project manager

You can share responsibilities and give other users access to a project as deputy project managers, allowing those users to report project statuses and support you in your role as project manager.

This option is useful if you wish to assign deputy / assistant project managers to a project so as to delegate the status reporting procedure or facilitate teamwork.

Go to the “Projects” page, open a project and click the “Manage deputies” button in the sidebar. This will open a screen on which you can select the users whom you wish to assign as deputy project managers.

To grant deputy project access to a user from the “Project deputies” list, activate the corresponding checkbox in the “Deputy access” column and click the “Save” button. The selected user will now be able to see the project item in their dashboard, heatmap and monthly report. Furthermore, the selected user can submit status reports, view existing status reports and edit second-level project fields depending on their role in the workspace.

Second-level project fields include all data fields designating a project with the exception of the project name, department, project proponent and project manager fields.

In order to remove a user’s deputy project access, simply uncheck the corresponding checkbox in the “Manage deputies” list and click the “Save” button.

Deputy project access is granted to users on a per-project basis only, i.e. it will not allow access to any other projects. Any user assigned as deputy project manager may submit, view or edit status reports for the associated project; users with a role of “Reporter” or higher are also able to edit second-level project fields.